Quarter note trill

Happy Wednesday!

Congratulations to Daniel and team first of all!

Quick question: how do I create a quarter note trill? I saw the blog on Philip Rothman’s Scoring Notes pages about trills, but I don’t see anything in the menu other than a trill symbol. Am I missing something?

Oh, and is there going to be an updated manual sometime, including all the new stuff included in 2.2?


Read page 21 of the Version History, here: http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/Dorico_Pro_2_and_Dorico_Elements_2/2.2/Dorico_2.2_Version_History.pdf?_sp=17cac455-1441-47b0-abe0-3522f95b654f.1543448255626

Specifically the section on microtonal trills.