Quarter rests instead of whole rest - Score


In the score, I would like to split a whole rest into four quarter rest in a 4/4 time signature.

Any idea of how to do this?

I own Cubase 7.5, and I post my question here, just in case in newer versions of Cubase you can do this.


You can use the “Cut Notes” tool (the “knife”). I have just tried it in Cubase 8.5 (it will be the same in Cubase 7.5)… two things to take into account…

  1. Look at the Mouse Position while you are deciding where to Split
  2. I tried (logically?) to split, sequentially, from left to right at each quarter-note position, but it didn’t work quite as expected. Eventually, the method was to make the first Split at the half-way point (i.e. two half-note rests), then split at the 2nd and 4th quarter-notes.