Quarter tone accidental bug and temporary fix

Since quarter tones accidentals doesn’t appear when clicking on them, I tried making new ones. This, however, makes Dorico crash. I instead tried making changes to an existing quarter tone accidental.

This was what I did, the bug is reproducable every time:
24-EDO is selected in Tonality System.
Using the microtonal accidentals that appear under the Accidentals menu does nothing.
Click edit button for 24-EDO .
Selecting three-quarter-tones sharp (sharp), click edit.
Now JUST click ok. Trying to use the accidental now on a note creates the triple sharp (triplesharp.gould).

A workaround that worked for me is changing the accidental for triple sharp to three-quarter-tones sharp accidental.
You then loose the triple sharp but at least it’s possible to notate quarter tones.
Strangely enough, now the triple sharp accidental does nothing but the quarter tone accidental works.

The biggest problem (apart from the accidental buttons not doing anything by default) seems to be that Dorico somehow wrongly connects three-quarter-tones sharp and triple sharp.

All of this is not quite working as it should at the moment, I’m afraid. I would expect that it will be working much better in the first post-release update.

That is great to hear. Can’'t wait for the updates, Dorico is already so much better than existing notation programs!

When do you anticipate this bug fix being released?
I’m teaching myself to use Dorico with a “real” composition project that I’ll need to submit to the performers around the first of the year. So far I’m loving it - I don’t want to have to “fall back” to the other program you guys used to do. :wink:

Will there be different accidentals in for quarter tones in the future? I’m using mirrored flats and sharps with one or three vertical lines. These are the most used especially when you also use eight tones.

If there are any updates in to come I’m also happy to try out beta releases as the actual version is quite useless for me.

How could I put quarter tones? Where’s the symbols? I don’t see them !

jhall method does not work for me! When should have this fixed? Thank you.

Go to Write tab. Click on ## ( on the right) to access key signatures.
Click on Tonality System and Choose Equal Temperament ( 23-EDO)
All the accidentals are at the bottom of the right panel.

But as Daniels says, none of them are working.

I suppose since they are included in the shipped software, they are priorities for the developers. I am excited to see this working!


The accidentals will all start working if you first create an open or atonal key signature in the chosen tonality system, like this:

  1. Choose the tonality system you want to use from the panel in Write mode.
  2. At the start of your flow, select the initial clef or the initial note or rest and type Shift+K.
  3. Into the popover, type “open” or “atonal” and hit Return.

Now you can use the accidentals shown for that tonality system.

My first day with Dorico and my first question answered almost immediately. I like this software already :wink: Thanks Daniel.

Hi Daniel, the same issue happens again with Dorico 4.0.31. Your temporary fix doesn’t work for me. If I click on the note and type shift-k and “open” or “atonal” the selected quarter tone accidentals disappear again and nothing changes. No matter if I define new tonal systems or not. The quarter tones are not working at all. Yours, Daniel

Please try these steps in this exact order:

  1. Select the required tonality system in the right panel.
  2. Select the place where you want to insert the tonality system.
  3. Double check that the required tonality system is still selected in the right panel. If it isn’t, select it again.
  4. Shift-K open Enter.

Great thanks, I really appreciate your advice, that worked! Yours, Daniel