quarter tone accidentals

Hi all. I need to put some quarter tone accidentals into my score. I can find the 24 EDO in “tonality system” and it shows the accidentals on the panel, but they won’t get into the score, though the “normal” accidentals have no problem.
I work in update 3. What have I missed?
Bet greetings and thanks for a lot of help so far :smiley:
Per Dybro

Try typing “open” into the shift+K popover, to create an open key signature; then the 24 EDO accidentals should work.

Thank you Stephen, it works!

Here’s a question – what if I wanted to use a normal key signature but – ever so often – use a quarter tone? I’m working on such a piece now which is basically in B major, but also has an E quarter-tone flat – in a few measures.

By the way – merely selecting “24-edo” from the dropdown menu in the right panel with key signatures doesn’t alone let you use the quarter tones, it seems (for now) you actually have to create an “open” key signature via popover only…

Not sure if this answers your question, or is the officially correct way of doing it, but I added a custom key signature (B major) to the 24-edo system… see attached file… hard to explain every step…
CustKeySign.rar (271 KB)

I think you should really be able to use quarter-tone accidentals in regular keys, but the problem is that, as you’ve found, the active tonality system gets set back to 12-EDO whenever you create a “normal” key signature. I will talk to the team about this and we’ll try to figure out the right solution. In the meantime, Frank’s workaround will certainly work, though it is a bit laborious.