quarter tone playback


is there a way to get rid of the annoying saxophone vibrato in the HALion Sonic SE. If not when will NotePerformer be able to support the quartertone playback in Dorico?

The only controls available to shape the sounds in HSSE are shown in the interface. I think the vibrato is recorded in, so it can’t be eliminated. The good news, however, is that the forthcoming update (available later this week, all being well) will allow NotePerformer to play back microtonal music correctly. There are a number of further improvements for playback of microtonal playback coming in the new update, so there’s not long to wait. We have been working with people in the microtonal music community and they’re pretty happy with how things are looking and sounding in the new update.

thanks! That are great news. I bought the update and hope finally to start working with Dorico soon.

The update has just been released this morning, so fire up Steinberg Download Assistant to grab it and away you go!

NotePerformer’s microtonal playback does work, but the non vibrato / senza vibrato playing techniques are not playing back (for the solo viola). NotePerformer lists both non vibrato and vibrato samples. Do you think this is a NotePerformer or Dorico issue?

It could easily be either! I suggest you ask Arne whether that’s something he expects to work with the current state of things.