Quatre-Mains printing possibility

I miss quatre-main’s printing capability. We have a secondo and primo score, we can print this landscape, but it would be nice if Dorico automatically keeps the number of measures for secondo and primo the same per page.
Or is this already possible and am I missing something?

It is possible, but one must manually add Frame Breaks at the appropriate locations to keep the pages/parts synchronized.

My way to do it:
Set the number of bars per System.
After that, you can change it by hand where it doesn’t fit.
I’m writing my second book quatre-main’s with about 240 pages each
and it saved me a lot of time.

If you mean the printing by itself
you have to print the whole score at once
Primo /Secondo at the same print-job
or export it as PDF and there you can sort it out.
You have to choose PArtitur and not the solo parts for printing!

Thanks for the solution!

Nice video @Ynze_Bicknese

Yes! Thanks. But only one thing…
When I print landscape, the page layout portrait remains on a landscape printed page. Can I (perhaps in Engrave mode) also adjust the page layout to landscape?

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Certainly Ynze, you can set it in layout options and in the print section!

But the linked tutorial uses two sides portrait printing, simply Secondo left and Primo right… Obviously you can use the same strategy printing two sides landscape :wink:

Thanks for your answer, Alberto, but that’s not the problem. Landscape printing is more than just tilting the paper. In landscape I now get portrait printed scores on a landscape paper. How can I print the scores landscape?

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Right now you are merely printing a vertical score sideways. You need to go into layout options and change your layout to actually BE landscape. Everything will then reflow etc. (Perhaps the better thing to do is create an all together new layout and print that instead.)

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Hi @Ynze_Bicknese !
First you need the definition:
which means changing the aspect in Write (this is a 2 hands, but it’s the same for 4 hands)

Then in Print, check landscape (for the corresponding layout!)

Hoping it may help… :wink:

I have this problem again! One of my projects is oriënted landscape, but when I print my project, the paper is oriënted landscape, and the score is printed portrait. How can I print the score also landscape?
My other landscape oriënted projects do not have this problem. ??

Hi Ynze, please look carefully at my previous post: it should solve exactly your problem…

Well, my project is landscape oriënted, and the sheet layout is the way I want it. But when I want to print, the paper is landscape oriënted (set that way) but the score remains portrait. Why is the print layout not the same as the layout in my project?

Can you post the Print screenshot? Or add a simple project extract?

LANDSCAPE 4 Hands.pdf (36.7 KB)
LANDSCAPE 4Hands.dorico (415.9 KB)
I hope, I understand the problem
If you print each Page on a single A4, then you can Export to PDF and print in Landscape.

Hi Alberto,
Here is my project:
6 Rondo’s Secondo.dorico (1.9 MB)
Thank you for your effort.

Hi Fes_Lehu,
Yes, your project will be printed landscape, just like my other landscape oriënted projects. There is only one that does not want to print landscape. Why??

I see only one piano, you should have 2 pianos, Primo on the right side, Secondo on the left…
That’s the way it should be done.

Ynze, when you are in PRINT, did you check Pianoforte or Full score?