Quaver = Quaver metronome mark


I’m trying to do things like

crochet = dotted crochet , or quaver = quaver, using the tempo popover, but can’t make it work.

Is there another way to do this?

Thank you!

You need to use the alt-shift-X workaround with SMuFL glyphs… John Barron talked about it in the last Discover dorico session (last week).
By the way, this is a mere workaround (in order for it to draw on the score), Dorico will not interpret that as a tempo marking (yet). Hope it helps!

Thank you so much! Will make sure to watch these in future!

I added a couple of simple metric modulation text objects to a project I attached to this thread, from which you could copy and adapt. Be sure to use the ‘Music text’ character style for the notes, by changing the menu at the top right-hand corner of the text editing popover.

Thank you!