Qucik route from mixer track to identical Project track?

Hi, I am working on this massive project at the moment, with complex routing, disabled tracks, folders etc. Its becoming increasingly hard to identify a track in the mixer then go to the same track in the project window. I know I have a few duplicates. Is there some kind of trick or short cut?



if you are asking is it possible somehow to select a track and then it shows your duplicates of this track the answer is no.
if you select a track in the mixer it will automatically select the same track in the project windows by default I think. If it doesn’t all you have to do is go to the setting to sync project and mix console in the left pane of the mix console.

The only shortcut to keeping the overview of a large project is to stay organized from the start. There are many things to help you if you focus on doing stuff in certain ways. You could color-code certain tracks, folder tracks, pictures on tracks etc etc

My project is VERY organized -colors, groups, folders. Its the big orchestral + master template, about a thousand tracks for my whole system. A lot of tracks, in fact almost all tracks are disabled. Most things are invisible, that is the default state. Obviously I cant open all tracks, even if I did, Cubase would not highlight in a folder AFAIK.

Your idea works, but on simpler sets ups I fear.