Queen Don't stop me now (bavarian remix)

Copyright approved for competition… enjoy :slight_smile: Stream Queen - Don't Stop Me Now Remix by James Mulvale - Composer | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

wow you got a lot of listens ,yes i like it ,it`s funny.

That’s insane! In a good way… :smiley:

Put a Queen song up and your gonna get a lorra listens…

That’s the plan… it was for a competition too. hope you thought it was more than just a remix

did you win :question: i entered a competition with Waves ,all i ended winning was… lots of spam from Waves.they could have just cut out all the needless bulls-it and just asked me for my email address. :unamused:

Nah came 21st out of a couple thousand some dubstep won it of course. :smiley: