Query about drum tracks

I have a folder full of drum samples (.wav files mainly) to use for drum tracks in Cubase LE Elements 10 on my desktop. The thing is I don’t know how to use the drum samples for a drum track.

So, is there a Cubase program where I can simply load the samples in and trigger them like a sampler and add drum tracks to my project?

Any help would be much appreciated.

This seem to be a case where a VST sampler plugin could help, but you will have to map the individual drum hits to the respective MIDI notes (eg. C -> kick.wav, D -> snare.wav, etc), but after that you will have your custom drum kit.
There’s lots of options on free VST samplers out there, I like to use Shortcircuit 1 by Vember Audio (Windows). It can be found at:


Have fun assembling your custom drum kit!

Groove Agent SE is included in Cubase Elements. It is a drum sample player (and more). Drop the samples to the pads, name them, assign MIDI notes, etc.
Wait… are you talking about samples of a drum kit playing a bar of a groove, etc., or just samples of individual drum kit pieces played once?

I loaded up some samples into the first row of pads in Groove Agent and I could press, play, and hear them. But when I hit record for the VST track, nothing shows up. What could possibly go wrong here? Everything seems to work barring the recording of the sampler. It seems I can’t record pads by clicking on them.

Not in front of cubase,but I dont think you can record the pads by clicking them with the mouse, you can use midi controller for this(keyboard,keypad etc), drawing midi notes on midi event on the groove se track,or use the computer keyboard when enable it,I think its one of the key modifier+ k