Query about Fermat (Pause) Symbol in Cubase Pro 10

Hi. I have added a Fermat note symbol over the last 1/4 note in a bar (music in 4/4). I would like this pause to be held for 3 beats. Is there any way I can make the pause symbol actually pause the music in real time? I have accessed ‘expression mapping’ but there is no Fermat option available.
I would prefer to keep the bar in 4/4 with the pause rather than have to change the last bar to 6/4, just to get the pause.
Suggestions greatly appreciated.

How about changing the tempo?

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How awesome would it be if we somehow had access to such interconnectivity within the program so as to automatically create a default tempo change within the tempo track when entering a fermata or a rit or a rall.

Ah, summer dreaming…


Respectfully ggmanestraki, I did think it was too good to be true but don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility…:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Steve, thanks so much for responding.
Yes, I think this is the best option. The piece is a thematic template with many tracks from which I will be exporting bits and pieces to create variations.
With the tempo change option, I will have to export the tempo track…I was hoping I might be able to not have to do that every time, particularly as there will also be starts at different bars. Oh well!

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