Question about AI LE Cubase 9

I have a 20 inch monitor- can this program be sized to fit it, and how, my 3rd party plugins also run off the screen?


Yes, you can resize most of Cubase windows.

how do I do that? From what I’ve seen, this program takes alot more screen resolution than my 20 inch monitor can give

What is your screen resolution (in pixels)?


This is higher, than minimal requirement, so you should see all objects. But it’s less, than recommended, so it might be uncomfortable in some cases.

I reset the resolution and yes,it did look all outta whack, plus regardless what I set it at, my 3rd party plugins ran way off the bottom of the page.

So you can’t see the plug-in window at all?

I can see apart of it, for instance the synth1 plugin and MT Power drummer the bottom runs off where I can’t load banks( synth 1) and use the composer part at bottom of drum plugin

Could you send a Screenshot, please?

got the screenshot, hope this turns out right, first time doing screenshot and inserting in message board can’t seem to get it into here, saved as png as well as in word and jpeg. How do I get it into here, even tried resizing it! Thanks

well it seems to have attached itself! so, if I did something wrong and you need more info, let me know. The bottom of the plugin window has a composer area to drag its own midi files into cubase, but can’t access it as it runs off the screen , same as synth 1- here it is as well

Ok, This is not in Cubase side at all. These are 3rd party plug-ins

is there a way to make it fit?

If you cannot resize the plugin window (this is on the plugin vendor side) then not from Cubase.

This is competely on the plugin side. Contact the plugin vendor. But first check their system requirement. Maybe you are under the required screen resolution on their side.

This looks crazy zoomed in for 1600x900. Go to the Windows Control Panel and check your display settings.

This should be set to 100%:

reset to 100 %, didn’t realize it had been set at larger setting. I had been using Tracktion 4, and everything fit on these settings, after setting it down, it worked in Cubase AI. Thanks for your help! On another topic, it came with the Groove Agent 4, here recently, it has been telling me some items couldn’t be loaded due to expiration. The only thing I notice missing is the acoustic agent. So, eventually I will have to get that plugin. I have Addictive drums as well,( although I do like how the MT Power drummer sounds.) Thanks to all for your help!

You’re getting that Groove Agent SE 4 error because the Acoustic Agent is for users of Cubase Elements or higher only.
Upgrading to Elements also unlocks a few more features:

Note that GA4 and GA SE4 are different plugins. The full version has many more features and drumkits.