Question about an older version

I have a friend who is just entering the wonderful financial rabbit hole that is DAW work… he bought a Presonus AudioBox believing that he could use Amplitude and Addictive Drums with the included software…which one can’t. So, for now, until he can afford springing for the upgrade – and I am trying to talk him into buying Cubase – I was wondering if it’s even technically feasible for him to install one of my old SX 3 discs and run it off the old dongle that went with it… I’m assuming the license for it is still loaded. Any thoughts on this? I’m assuming this idea is free of any moral hazard, what with SX being almost 10 years old, and me having paid gazillions over the years to Charlie :laughing:

If the old dongle has a valid license there is no problem. It works and it’s moral and legal (unless you have reported old dongle lost/stolen/destroyed and received a new license for your new dongle fo free … in which case your action would be illegal).

Just unplug your current dongle, plug in old dongle and use e-Licenser software to check what kind of (if any) license there is in the old dongle.

Okay, thanks Jarno. It’s the older type e-licenser…the new dongle, for some odd reason, shows the old SX 3 license residing inside it… so like you say I will swap them to see what’s lurking in the old one. Thanks again :sunglasses:

Or…you can be like Larry, and get him a copy of Reaper, that way you have no idea how to help him :laughing:

I’d be surprised if there is still an SX3 license on the old dongle, unless you bought 2 copies of SX3.

When I transferred the SX3 and Cubase4 licenses to a new (shorter) dongle that came WL6, the old dongle is now empty and I keep it around for a spare in case something happens to the new one.

I thought when you actually ‘transferred’ your license from one dongle to another, you had to destroy the old one…?

I think it SHOULD be that if you want to use your older versions, the license to use or transfer to another user should be cheap…but knowing Steinberg, they’ll charge the price of Cubase 8 “pro” :unamused:

I’ve seen older versions of Cubase for sale on eBay for dirt cheap, with the dongle.

No, I noticed they now say, was either at My Steinberg or the LCC site, to keep the old one for a backup if the current one fails for some reason, that’s why I’ve put my empty one away in case.

I hate you. :laughing:

So…it’s long time, no love then? :mrgreen: