question about assigning MIDI channels to tracks

How do I assign ascending MIDI channels to multiple tracks at once? Also, how do I assign all selected tracks to the same MIDI channel if I wish to do that? Thanks!

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Cubase automaticly create ascending MIDI channels for default (first) MIDI port (device), you have in the Cubase. Not for other MIDI device.

It’s not possible to set this in the Add track window. Same as it’s not possible to do this with audio inputs. :-/

And again, it’s not possible to set more MIDI tracks to the same MIDI channel all at once. :-/

It is.

Are you sure? How to do this? If I select more channels, and I try to change this in the Inspector, this change affected just the first track of selected list.

I didn’t find any solution in the Project Logical Editor. You can change the MIDI channel in the Logical Editor, but this affected just MIDI data in the track, not the settings of the track.

Can you learn us, how to do this, please?

The same as you change in- output busses of audio tracks - [alt]+[shift].

OK, you are righ. So it’s necessary to press the [Shift] + [Alt] first, then click to the MIDI channel number, and set the MIDI channel.

Nice, thank you!


Excellent, thx! Request: Steinberg, let us add ‘command’ or cntrl on windows to that key combo and set all following selected channels to ascending channels! that would be super useful.