Question about Audio Connections and Settings are not recalled back to choosed preset

Hello guys

Is this a normal behavior that after choosing in Audio Connections my own created profiles in Input, Output and Control Room tabs and after closing Cubase and reopen it next time those presets are not recalled back and I need to choose and apply presets again every time I open Cubase… Same is with Preferences. For example I saved program preferences as my own new preset, apply it, then close and reopen Cubase and is shows ‘‘No Preset’’ … So I need to choose and reapply preset every time… Its kinda annoying behavior. Or maybe I something just dont know there or misunderstood?

Cubase 11 Pro 11.0.41

For the Audio Connections once you have it configured to your liking, Save that as part of any Templates you use. Then use a Template to start a new Project.

For the Preferences, they are always set the same as the last time you closed Cubase normally. Crashing at shutdown will often keep the Preferences from being updated - so any changes made during the session might be lost. Normally your Preference settings will be the same as they were when you last shutdown.

So if you load your Preferences Preset, don’t change any settings and then exit Cubase, the next time you open Cubase those same settings that are in your Preset will be in effect even though it doesn’t display the Preset Name. You don’t need to keep reloading the Preferences Preset. The only times you’d normally want to reload the Preset is 1) if you changed some settings on the fly and want to get back 2) you want to use those settings on a different computer 3) recovery if your Preferences become corrupted.

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