Question about automation


im sure it is really Basic. I use steinberg midi controller to work with the eq. When I automate something I find myself fighting with the knobs. I make a move and the HPF jut keep jumping back to 0 point instead of letting me finish the work on the event.

What do I do wrong?

Hate to ask the question, but did you read all of the chapter on automation in the manual?

Yeah man…
I sat with the Neundo book (i have the N5 book ver), and yes, Im still a bit confused. Is it the controller? is it some function or technique - The automation part can be very confusing.

You Dont HAVE to answer but and a hint will also can be helpful.

What is the problem?
Is it that when you let go of the “knob” the value jumps back to it’s initial value, and you want it written 'till the end.
Or is it that while holding the “knob” the new value is snapping back to it’s initial value, regardless of the fact that you are still manipulation the “knob”. (Sorry, this came out more funny than I expected)


Exactly this one Fredo,
I wanna filter here and there and it keep jumping back.

Then it is that your “knob” is not touch sensitive.
(OMG … did I just say that?)


I see…

So if I want to make a “work around” and want the automation no to snap back to the initial value?
It will be extra tuning but at least I will work with controller.

Any Idea?

Still not sure what the issue is.
Can you just try to do the same by using your mouse instead of a controller?
Just to be sure that we are talking about the same thing.

So, if you change your parameters (somewhere in the application, doesn’t matter where), do you still have the problem?

If not, then then you need a controller which is touch sensitive (writes parameters as long as you touch the knob)
If the problem persists, then you should use the preview/punch method.


Try changing the automation mode to Auto-Latch. I suspect you are using the “Touch” mode.
Auto-latch will keep the value of the parameter the same, until the pass is finished (playback is stopped). Or until you turn off the write button. Then it will snap back to the initial value.

Touch does not work Well With continous midi controllers as there is no “touch” command sent, so as soon as the control stops moving Nuendo sees no data and thus tries to match to the previous data.
So yes you have to either use a controller that supports touch (example eucon) or you use latch automation.