Question about Automation

I’m making dub music.
I have an instrument on which I want to automate a delay every 4th note. Is it possible when that 4th midi note is played the delay still plays itself out, even though when a new midi note is triggered it doesn’t affect that one?

So it would look like this:
1 - 2 - 3 - (delay)4 - 5

So the 4th note has delay that goes into the 5th note and plays a little bit over it, but the 5th note itself is dry.

Is there an Automation setting that I need to turn on?

If I correctly understand what you are after - put your delay on a separate FX Track. Then use a Send to route the signal to the FX Track. Now you can Automate the Send’s Enable state to turn on & off what goes to the delay.

I wonder if you could use the FX modulator plugin? You could always separate the notes you want delay on to a separate track.

This is exactly what I wanted. It’s working. Thank you so much.

As a new cubase user, i have to admit that the automation in cubase is not as easy as in … Live or Reason just to name those 2. I work my head around the automation implementation in cubase, i’ll make my way … but for now, i must say that cubase is an amazing daw.