Question about batch processing to remove exactly 360 samples


I have an Aeros Looper for my guitar pedal. It adds 360 samples to recorded audio, to eliminate clicks when looping. I want to transfer some loops to my DAW (Ableton), to continue working with. Apparently, I need to remove exactly 360 samples. I’ve only used Wavelab 8 LE for basic purposes so far. Basic cuts before taking samples and field recordings into my Digitakt or Eurorack System. Just trying to get some feedback on whether I can remove precisely 360 samples from the end of each wave file. I can get the ruler to display in samples, but would rather not manually have to select a 360 range (even that was hard to dial in precisely). Doing it for a group of samples would be ideal, but I’d be happy if I could just enter in “360” in some field and have it select that amount of samples to be deleted, file by file.


In WaveLab Pro, there is a batch processor called “Trimmer”, that allows to remove samples at the start or end. Unfortunately, the precision is 1 millisecond, for exactly 360 samples, there is not a solution.
But if you don’t have thousands of files, there is a good helper: the range editor can be configured to select the last 360 samples. Hence once configured, and its preset saved, it’s easy to select the last 360 samples of a file and press delete + save.
Here how you can configure it (but before setting the following dialog, the timeline scale of the current audio file, must be set to samples)