Question about BFD drums in Cubase 5

Hi All,
Here’s my story: Years ago, I was using Cubase 3 - fantastic program, excellent response and drum sounds etc. Then I had the idea of upgrading to Cubase 5, with which I am a lot less happy. I have been managing with Cubase 5 for a good ten years now.

For some reason I can’t get any subtleties out of the midi drums. It’s a case of “all or nothing” - I can’t program triplets or a graduation in dynamics as in a drum roll that starts off softly and then hits harder. If I do a drum roll with triplets, the sound simply doesn’t come out. It doesn;t read half the MIDI beats. I’ll program 16 beats and it will read 4.

This never used to happen in Cubase 3. I could do chimes on the symbals and alsorts.

Does anyone know why this is? Thanks !