Question about Canon

Dear everyone

Can I do inverse, retrograde, retrograde inversion etc like canon in Dorico??

That is, by selecting some continuous set of notes in one voice, for exmple,
I want to insert retrade or inverse of it right after those notes

ALso, I want to do such things at the same time for both of treble and bass

Can Dorico do these?

Also, can Dorico do “Auto Canon” ?
For example, by selecting some notes and choose type of canon like retrograde
and number of repetition, and choosing some intervals below or above, then Dorio writes down such Canon after that

I searched the forum, I found one article about this.
It was said that that’s impossible
That article was written in 2016

But how about now for Dorico 4.3 ?

Thank you and have a nice day

It’s under Write/Transform.

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Dear Fred:

Nice to meet you, Fred
Right, it looks like what I want
I will try
So thank you so much for your help and advise
Have a great week this week and see you, Fred

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You can find information about these sorts of transformations in the manual starting from this page (look at the table of contents on the left for the topics after this one in the documentation structure) –

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Dear Lillie:

Hello, nice to meet you again, Lillie
Thank you for your help and kindness
Dorico can do many things really. Right, there are many menus inside. I love them
I will study transformation from today
Have a great week this week and see you again, Lillie
Best regards

This set of tools is a real gem. So many things can be achieved with those… Enjoy!

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Oh, Thank you, Marc
Have a great week this week
See you again, Marc
I will study them
They look very interesting !!