Question about CC121's EQ knobs.

I was thinking about picking one up some day, but I saw at Sweetwater this review:

The most disappointing feature of the CC121 is the layout of the EQ knobs. These EQ knobs are specifically designed to work with Steinberg’s stock channel EQ. The knob are great for sweeping the parametric EQ in Frequency, Q, and Gain… BUT… they are UPSIDE DOWN! On your Cubase screen, the Gain is on the top an the Q on the bottom. On the CC121 the Q is on the top and the Gain on the bottom. It’s completely INVERTED. (At least the EQ bands 1-4 go left to right on the controller the same as the plug-in)

How much does this bug you personally? Why do you think they chose to invert the parameters between the software & hardware? Would you say it’s a deal breaker?

Nah…doesnt bother one bit. had it for years, loving it and still using on a daily basis.

perhaps, 2 ways to look at this; you’ll get used to the physical configuration of the CC121 while visually (on screen) its ergonomical to have GAIN up top.

Supercool man, thanks.

Doesn’t bother me, either. I use other plugins for EQ most of the time anyway.

I really love the AI knob. It allows me to edit any parameter of choice with my eyes closed, in listening mode only. Something about not having to focus the mouse on the screen let’s me hear better.

For some edits, I like having the mouse in my Right hand, and my Left hand on the transport buttons.