Question about CCs, and how to use bezier curves for CCs in the Project view

I have an interest in things related to this topic. However, please note that I am absolutely brand new to trying to make “realistic” sounding orchestral/instrument mockups with CC “expression” data. I only have experience editing piano MIDI tracks in Cubase (or, previously, Logic).

I recently purchased Mozart Piano Concerto K488 from TimeWarpTech. I received MIDI files designed for Garritan Personal Orchestra instruments (which I own) with CC1 data for all of the instruments. Although the files are “meant to be used with Home Concert Extreme,” in theory I should be able to use them in Cubase as well.

I am not clear as to why they programmed it this way, but the CC1 data is on a separate track for each instrument from the MIDI notes. For example, there is a Violons I track with MIDI notes only (no CC data), and another Violins I-GD instrument track with the CC1 data and some low “notes” meant for keyswitches.

I like the idea in Cubase 9.5 of using Bezier curves for CC data. I would like (for each instrument) to copy the existing CC1 data in the 2nd MIDI track to an automation lane for CC1 in the track with the MIDI data (so that I might be able to modify it, if necessary, using the Bezier curves).

I would be very grateful If someone would be so kind as to explain how to do this, step-by-step, with enough clarity that someone who is isn’t familiar with all of the related terminology might follow the explanation and accomplish it. Thank you.

Drag and drop the MIDI parts with the controllers on top of the MIDI parts with notes, then select MIDI -> Bounce MIDI. This will merge both parts.

Thank you for teaching me about MIDI bounce. That is useful.

Is there a way to convert the CC data associated with the MIDI track in the Key Editor to CC data in an automation lane so that it can be modified using the new Bézier curves in Cubase Pro 9.5?

Yes, just go to MIDI -> Functions -> Extract MIDI Automation

Thank you again, Romantique Tp.

I have followed your instructions and dragged the MIDI parts with the controllers on top of the MIDI parts with the notes, followed by MIDI -> Bounce MIDI. Within the grid, the merged lane takes the name of the lane with the CC data that I dragged and there are hash marks on the lane. The merged lanes play normally. However, in the Key Editor I only see the CC data. The MIDI notes are not displayed in the key editor (so I cannot edit velocities there, for example). I have attached a screenshot.

How do I “recover” the ability to see/edit the MIDI notes?

Something is off here, the hash marks shouldn’t be there. This means that the parts aren’t actually merged, they’re overlapping. Select all parts with check marks then select MIDI -> Bounce MIDI.

By selecting individual tracks so that the track color on the left was light gray, and then choosing Edit -> Select -> All on Selected tracks, I was able to see the MIDI notes (as well as the CC data) in the Key Editor and was able to enable the MIDI -> Bounce MIDI command (Bounce MIDI was grayed out if I didn’t go through the “All on selected tracks” command).

Now, the hash marks are gone and I see all the data.

MIDI -> Functions -> Extract MIDI Automation also seems to have the desired effect. The CC1 data is visible in an automation lane associated with the track and can be edited.