Question about changing accidentals type above trill line

Hi there! I’m currently engraving a piece for string quartet. And on the original print, there is a 1/4 flat accidental above the tr line. But in Dorico, I cannot change the db-like accidental into the type I need.

How can I solve this problem? Thanks!

I see that you have a 24-EDO system, and it seems you have also configured your accidentals right. Now, why doesn’t Dorico pick the correct symbol up, it’s not clear.
Can you share a project stub for us to give a look at?

Sorry for the late reply. Btw, I’ve managed to solve this problem by changing the type of accidentals of default 24-EDO system. So the 3/4 flat mark will be changed into the new one I’ve selected globally across the whole project.

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