Question about CMC-PD (using rotary knob for mixer vol?)

I just got myself a Steinberg CMC-PD, lovely little thing… but i’m struggling to properly assign that rotary controller to properly control my Master (control room) volume (… I can get it to turn the volume up but when i turn the knob left, the volume goes to zero… is there some trick to this that I am missing?

(also posted in cubase forum but this might be the best place to ask!)

My knob does nothing… (no pun lol)

I would love for it to control my control room volume or anything for that matter…

Did you ever figure this out?


I’m pretty sure this is not possible with the knob on the PD! It is pretty much dedicated to controlling the browser.
The AI has a button which can exclusively dedicate the AI knob to the Volume control - I use this a lot.

I actually got it working! K well half working anyway.

I set up a Generic Remote and used “Fader 1” to learn the knob. Flagged it to “receive” and as “relative”
Then I assigned “Fader 1” to control the control room Volume and guess what!?
It woks to turn the volume up!!

That’s it though. When i turn it to go down it resets to zero :frowning:

I also tested this with my CMC-CH Pan Knob and it does the same thing…

SO in the mean time I assigned a knob on my Triton to control my Control Room volume… I’ll stay w/that for now.