Question about condensing logic

I’m getting strange condensing results and would like to know why and what I can do about it. In the score on one page, french horns 1 and 3 are condensed but horns 2 and 4 aren’t:

I suppose this is because there is a bar repeat in horn 4 at the end but none in horn 3? However, condensing doesn’t change if I move the last bar into the next frame/page by inserting a frame break. :thinking:
On the next page, by default (without manual frame break), horn 2 and 4 share similar characteristics but still aren’t condensed:

Why is that? On the page after that one, both horns are condensed properly.

Unfortunately condensing questions aren’t often diagnosable definitively without a project file.

Are you able to share this project, or even better a duplicate version that you’ve cut down to show just the relevant passage (e.g. 3 pages: the page before this, this page, and the next page)? With just the horns in, too.

Thanks for the quick response, Lillie. I’ve cut it down to a point where the absence of other parts doesn’t affect the general layout too much.
condensing_issue.dorico (790.9 KB)

Great, thank you.

It does seem to me to be the differing bar repeat regions for Horns 2-4: if you add a condensing change at the start of bar 12 (and tick Horns 2-4), they condense on the previous system. Likewise, if you delete the bar repeat region for Horn 4 in bar 12 and write the part out in full, Horns 2-4 condense on both systems.

(Condensing results should change at system breaks according to that system’s content, but if it’s not, it can be worth adding a condensing change at the start of the system and ticking the offending player groups.)


Thanks much, Lillie. And it even seems to be possible to have bar 11 written out and a bar repeat at the same time where it would write out the notes in the condensed score but show the bar repeat in the part. :slight_smile: