Question about copy and paste (after update to version 4.2)

To begin with: thanks for the great improvements. In the past I wished more than once, that I could copy all the cc data with a melody, because I had to do it now again, and it is not alway easy to get the same nuance a new.

But (o no, again a “but”, feels to me like a never ending story, sorry for that) I realized that there are also situations, that I don’t want copy all the cc information when I copy notes.

For instance, when I copy a melody from a violoncello to the flute, I don’t want to copy all the cc information, that is specific for the violoncello, but certainly not for the flute.

My question, can there be in the future a possibility to just copy the notes without all cc data,

OR: is there a possibility to easily remove all cc data of selected notes?

You can certainly remove all the automation data for a given instrument using the new commands (added in Dorico 4.1.10) in the Play > Automation submenu.

As far as I can see, it is only possible to remove all automation of an instrument. Is it also possible to just remove the automation of a selection of notes within one instrument, because otherwise I loose all my work in that instrument. Or am I wrong here?

No, you’re correct. You would need to delete the automation for just a range of the music directly in the automation editor.

Okay. Thanks for your quick answer. Stays my feature request to be able to remove all automation at once in a group selected notes. But for now the solution is clear!