Question about Cubase Download Assistant

How can i know for what i have license from the big list of the downloads ?

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If you sign in, you can see the My Products folder. This is what you are searching for.

First of all thank you man :slight_smile:
And second- in the folder there is only cubase 10.5, even that i have the 11 .
and i download from other folder that called sounds&loop and evereything from there was fine, so i dont really know how can i check that, cause i dont want to download and after it delete it because i dont have the license.
Tnx for your attention

The My Products folder that Martin mentioned will only have products for which you used a Download Access Code, at least that is the explanation I got from support, though I’m not sure that exactly matches what I remember as far as using DACs. There have been many requests here in the forum for the software version detection update to the Download Assistant. In the mean time, I actually keep a text file with all my Steinberg products and my installed versions and manually go through the Download Assistant and see if there are updates every week or two, unless I see an announcement first.

Tnx for your answer, Where can i find the text that you talk about ?

I made it myself. Just a simple list in Notepad. Looks like this:

Here’s the text if you want to just copy and paste:

June 22, 2022

Groove Agent: 5.1.10

Groove Agent SE: 5.1.10

HALion: 6.4.40

HALion Sonic: 3.4.40

HALion Sonic SE: 3.5.10

Padshop 2: 2.1.0

Retrologue: 2.3.0

Cubase: 12.0.30

Dorico: 4.1.10

Wavelab: 11.1.00

SpectraLayers ONE 8.0.20

And we have the same license do you think ?

I don’t know what licenses you have. I just was showing you mine as an example. You should edit the list based on what you have.

Personally, I find that CDA is only a download tool for all of SB’s products rather than a tool for knowing the products for which we have acquired a license. If you really want to know what licenses you paid for and acquired, you should go to My Products ( All available Software, Hardware, eLicensers, and Downloads are there.

CDA’s My Products folder does not list all the products mentioned above and it is also incomplete compared to the Download page of My Products (

CDA = Download Tool. That’s all. Nothing to do with a tool like Native Access from Native Instruments, if we compare the two.