Question about Cubase losing audio for a few ADAT inputs

Hey, folks. I posted this over in /r/cubase but haven’t gotten a response yet. Hopefully one of you will be able to give me some insight. Thanks!

First off, here’s what I’m running:

Macbook Pro OSX El Capitan
Cubase 8 Elements
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
Behringer ADA8200

All is set to 41Khz with the ADAT as the master.

I had this all connected in an attempt to record a drum kit using 13 microphones at my drummer’s house. The first run everything went swimmingly. I set all the input buses in Cubase and directed all my individual tracks to to them. I was able to record everything with no issues. When we were done I powered everything down, unplugged my laptop, and took it home for some editing. We left all the mics plugged in and set up so the next day I went back to his house to record more. I plugged the interface back into the computer and powered everything up. When we went to record this time I was not getting any signal from the last two inputs (ADAT 12 and 13). The other inputs (analog 1-8 and ADAT 9-11) were still working as expected. After closing all applications, checking all the settings that I’m aware of, and power cycling all devices 3 or 4 times it finally came up up pulling audio on all input channels. We finished up recording for that day and closed up with the same routine as the night before. The following day I ran into the same problem only this time we never got the last two mic channels to start putting signal through again. When I look on the ADA8200 I see signal being indicated when the kit is played. When I plug those mics into the other known working ports they put out signal. I work in IT for a living so I feeling like I’m quite tech savvy. This has been frustrating me like crazy though. I’m hoping you folks have a suggestion that will help me through this.