Question about Cues in Percussion

Hi All:

Forgive me if this is possible and I haven’t learned how to do it properly, but it seems like I can’t add cues for pitched instruments on a staff devoted only to unpitched instruments. When I try, I am only presented with other unpitched percussion instruments.

So far as I can tell, my only workaround would be to add a pitched instrument to the players instrument list, and then put the cues in it… but then I am forced to hide all the instrument changes and warnings that will be generated by this. Am I correct about this?

I would suggest that the logical way for this to behave (based on Dorico’s conventions) would be for it to allow you to add a cue from any instrument, and if you were adding it into an unpitched instrument, it would appear as a rhythmic cue. Once added, then the existing context menus would allow you to stipulate an appropriate clef and uncheck the “rhythmic cue” option. It would shift back to percussion clef at the end as is already done with clef-specific cues.

Thanks so much for your help everyone!

Steve Lias

There are several helpful threads about this, including this one:

Thanks! Yes - that thread indicates the same workaround I’m using. No doubt this will be made more elegant in a future update.