Question about custom percussion maps


I’m working on a project where I have created a custom drum map consisting of just one crash cymbal and one ride cymbal. I’d like to display this with just two note lines, one for each cymbal. After watching one of the videos on your YouTube channel I managed to show this as a “grid” with just two lines, with the individual cymbal names being displayed instead of the overall instrument or player name. But then I cannot seem to change the name of each individual cymbal. Right now I’m stuck with them being called “Crash Cymbal in C 2” and “Ride Cymbal in C”. I’d like them to just be called Crash Cymbal and Ride Cymbal.

Also, is there some way to display this as “Cymbals” in the full score? So that the conductor doesn’t need to see the name of each cymbal or each drum kit part. Of course, when I use the traditional 5 line staff, there is just one name for the staff. But then I’m stuck with 5 lines, which I don’t need here.

Suggestions? :slight_smile:


As far as the naming of the 2 staves to “Cymbals”, in the percussion kit editor, under the grid view, select both cymbals, and down around middle of the window is a button that says group.

Here you can group the 2 instruments and call the Cymbals. This puts “Cymbals” at the start of the staff.


Thanks for a great tip! :slight_smile:

Can I still choose to display the individual names on the Cymbals part? While calling them just Cymbals on the full score?

You can use the “percussion legend” feature to show the name of the instrument above the staff where each note is…

But I am not 100% sure if that is what you are asking.


It’s an OK solution for now. Thanks :slight_smile: