Question about cycle markers..

is there any way to set specific cycle markers? i.e set cycle marker 1 using a key command?
you can set markers using a key command, but recently I have been using cycle markers a bit more
i’m guessing perhaps not

Did you look at the key commands? Type in the word “Cycle” in the keyword search and hit the + key a few times.

Perhaps you did not read my question fully

as far as I can see, this can’t be done.

you can recall any cycle marker you wish but you only seem to be able to set normal markers but not region markers

you can insert a cycle marker but not a specific cycle marker

Are you sure? I’m not at my computer currently, But I thought there was insert cycle x keycommand.

There are X options for everything apart from insert cycle marker, you can recall marker x , set normal marker x

i was hoping i had just missed something…