Question about direct offline processing and tail

Picture this:

I have a track of vocals.

I decided that one word needs to have an extra reverb added to it.

So i cut out that word and drag to a new track below.

I could, if i wanted, add the reverb to the new track. But a little voice in my head says: “no!..use direct offline processing!”

I guess the logic of the little voice is, i might want to add other effects to other words, so it would make sense to have just one extra track for all these little, effected snippets.

But alas, there is a problem. The reverb effect cuts off at the end vocal snippet. Even if i use the “tail in MS” parameter, it has no effect.

Then i go on the interwebs and find this from the Steinberg online help:
“If you add tail to an event that you have manually resized before, the tail is added but the event length is not adjusted automatically. Therefore, you must adjust the event manually. In this case, the tail is mixed with the underlying audio clip”.

But this is kinda useless, is it not? I would imagine the numero uno use of D.O.P. would be the scenario i outlined above. If i adjust the end of the event manually, i’ll get the next bit of vocal uncluded, which i don’t want.

Of course there are workarounds like manually adding silence to the snippet, but it’s a bit of a hassle (first world problem of course).

Perhaps i’m doing something wrong or not understanding something, if so, someone please enlighten me!