Question about download size vs. install size


How come the download for Cubase 10 is 22 GB, the extracted installer is 24 GB, while the completed installation is only 1 GB?

Because you obviously haven´t found all installed library files.

I see these in the installer folder. Are they supposed to be manually moved to the installation folder afterwards and then added in Cubase?


OK. So, what am I to do with all those files?

Nothing. The installer should have installed them. And if you had actually taken a closer look at the installer, instead of just clicking, you would now also know where.

Snarkiness is useless. I looked at every page on the installation process and verified that every option to be installed was enabled. There was nothing mentioning a location for these files.

So, where should they be installed to?

Well, I found where they’re installed to - no thanks to any unhelpful persons lacking in appreciable social skills, though. :laughing:

Glad I got that figured out.