Question about Dynamics Mapping Setup Dialog


In the score editor, Dynamics Mapping Setup Dialog, for dynamics, we can set velocities, volumes, different controllers. How to tell which CC we need to use ( and not use) for a given VST sample library?

It seems most sample libraries for dynamics use CC 11 ( expression) and dynamics ( acres. decres. ) CC 1 ( or modulation.) and it is different from VST to VST. Many sample library manuals either don’t have this information or it is not clear to me. Should we always use CC 1 for crescendo and decrescendo?

How can we tell which CC we need to use to properly map dynamics, please?

Thank you in advance.

In the Dynamics Mapping setup dialog tick Send Controller and in the drop-down list select MIDI CC Setup.
In the MIDI Controller Setup that pops up, in the “Hidden” list on the right, select the controller that you want, and click Add to the “Visible” list, and hit OK.
Back to the Dynamics Mapping Setup window, select your newly chosen CC under the Send Controller list.