Question about Elements 9.5

I’m thinking of moving from Wavelab-6 to Elements 9.5.

Will I still be able to ‘Create a Basic Audio CD’ with the Elements version?

No. But you should better consider the audio montage than the basic audio CD.

OK, I am trying the Audio Montage in W6 to give me an idea of how it would work in Elements-9.5 but when I run the ‘Check’ option a message appears stating ‘Error with CD-Text: the album and track title information is mandatory and may not be omitted’.

I have entered each track title and artist in the CD-Text section but can find no place to enter the Album info. Am I missing something?

Yeah, but it was very easy to miss in some WL versions. I’m not sure about WL6 but from Track 1, take one step back - I think it was wth an arrow button. Just try some stuff, it really is there in the dialog somewhere!

I put in a feature request for this but yes, it’s very easy to edit the CD-Text track names in the CD-Text Tab but to get to the CD-Text Album title, you have to open the CD-Text Editor Pop Up box which is less obvious.

It seems that if the CD Tab is going to show is UPC, ISRC, and other stuff, it would only make sense for an easy place to see and edit the album title field as well.

In WL6 there is no CD-Tab, so it’s all in the ‘Pop Up’ dialog. But the Album info is in there somewhere.

Thanks for clarifying. I never used WaveLab 6 but my point remains about not being album to see the album title in the CD Tab. I think it should be more visible and there is empty space for it.

Thanks for the posts.

I’m on Day 2 now, still can not find where to enter an Album title and can not manage to write a CD from an Audio Montage, although it has managed to trash a load of CD’s.

Creating a Basic Audio CD does work as always, but not via the Audio Montage. Maybe the Wavelab-6 version is just not compatible with Windows-7

I think the best thing I can do is to download the Elements-9.5 trial version and see if I can get the Audio montage to work in that. Failing that I suppose I have no alternative but to stay with Wavelab-6 and use the Basic CD facility as I have always done so far. Cheaper that way.

Okay, so I gave the old WL6 another go (still works on Windows 10!) and the first page of the CD-text dialog shows ‘CD-Text for the disk itself’. Screenshot included:

Yes, that is correct, but it does not include the Album Title, which is what is referred to in the error message.

Yes it does, in my picture ‘Demo’ is the album title.

I thought that the ‘Title’ was for the title of the song and then the composers etc of the song below that, but you may be correct if you put the same thing in the Title field for all tracks. Not very clear is it?

I still get the error message if I fill all fields on all tracks, so that doesn’t make sense either.

Thanks for your input.

As you can see in his screen shot. The very first page (all the way left) is the title and info for “The Disk Itself”, then you can page to the right to make sure all the tracks themselves have some info appleid and you can use the arrows to auto-populate some things easily.

Thanks for that.

As I have been unable to write a CD using Audio Montage in W6, I have now moved on to trialing W-Elements9.5 which I hope will work better and be more intuitive than W6.

This has only come about because I felt it was perhaps time to move on from W6 (where I only use the Basic CD mode) to Elements 9.5, which has no Basic CD mode.

This is probably not the answer you want but WaveLab Pro makes easy work of this. With WaveLab Elements, there are limitations as you have found.

I will probably have to stay with W6 as there does not appear to be an upgrade path to W9.5 and I can not justify the frankly frightening cost of buying the product again - 480GBP!