Question About Expression Maps

I want to have Joshua Bell Violin. It has both mono and poly legato patches. If I put both legato patches in the expression maps, leaving one as mono and the other as normal, would they both work? Does anyone have any ideas?
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My suggestion would be to designate the “legato slur” from this library as the main legato in the Expression Map. This is what Dorico will then trigger when the score shows notes with a standard slur.

Because this library provides multiple types of legato, each one of them will need a separate entry in the expression map, most likely involving a combination of two techniques: the regular slur plus an additional one (such as legato with bow change, legato plus portamento, legato with an accent, and so on). Dorico will treat this combined technique as a single unique technique every time it finds such a combination.

For poly legato, I would suggest to create “Add-On” playing techniques for “poly on” and “poly off” and map the corresponding CC parameter values. This way, poly will be applied to any technique currently invoked, since it’s a global parameter in the JB library.