Question about Grand Staff Chord Symbols Between Staves

I’m writing a bunch of lead sheets as a way to get familiar with parts of Dorico. I’m using a piano grand staff. I have a tune with and intro with rhythmic hits that in the intro that I’ve put in the bass clef. After the intro, the rest of the tune is all treble clef.

I found the option to put chord symbols between staves, and it looks great, but…
I can’t seem to figure out how to bring the chord symbols back up to the treble clef for the remainder of the tune.

Any ideas?

I think you’d need to fake it. Make each staff be a separate instrument, add a brace to them, make them both show chord symbols, and then hide them where needed.

Got it, thanks!

Might it be easier to just maintain the defaults and manually place the intro chords between the staves?