Question about hitpoints

why is it when i create hitpoints and make a groove ,and i quantize a midi event with the groove i have just created , then i go into the drum editor and quantize lines are missing ,some are there but not all. it is not reflecting correctly what i created in the hitpoints ,is there anyway to turn up the quantize strength so to speak

Have you looked in Q Setup?

yes there is nothing in there to ensure that you can make more hitpoints actualy become quantize lines in the drum editor.

There’s a Pref Hitpoints have Qpoints, IIRC.

yeah thanks ,tried Hitpoints have Qpoints ,but whats IIRC.

if I remember correctly :wink:

sorry i left out ,it didn`t work

or if i remember cwrongley

gosh, it`s quiet down this cubase 5 and 4 neck of the woods.