Question about Iconica template

When I use the current default Iconica playback template it plays the strings in tremolo whenever it sees a longer sustained note. I don’t have that note marked tremolo, but it jumps there anyway. HSO and Noteperformer don’t do that. Did I miss a setting perhaps?

Can you reproduce this in a brand new project based on, say, the String Orchestra project template? Are you certain that the tremolo sound is definitely being played? If you open the HALion Sonic instrument window and select th appropriate slot, do you see the tremolo technique being selected during playback?

Yes, I do see it jump to the tremolo technique on its own when it sees a long note.

Can you attach a project that reproduces the issue here, so we can take a look?

Okay, old school solution, I re-downloaded Iconica sketch in download manager and now it’s okay. I tried it with the new string template. and it’s fine.