Question about icons - what do they mean?

Hi, I started learning Cubase Pro 10 about a year ago and then stopped after completing a 3 month course in it. I’m just returning to it and have upgraded to the 10.0.6. There are some icons showing up on tracks that I don’t remember seeing before and I don’t know what they mean. No text appears when I hover over them so I can’t figure out what they do. It’s not exactly user-friendly. Can anyone explain to me what these last 3 icons that appear in my VST tracks are for? I’ve included an attachment that is a screenshot of the icons. One looks like a line with a box in the middle, the next is a diamond with a vertical line going down the center, and the last one is harder to describe but it looks like a box with a line through it and below it.

Also, I thought there used to be something there that I could click to show lanes but that seems to have been removed. Is there a way I can get that back?

I’m using a Windows 10 laptop.

new icons in Cubase.JPG

The icons are there since forever (when view enabled): bypass Inserts / -EQ / -sends. Try the manual very userfriendly explained with little images even…

For the missing icons, check the manual for „track controls“

Thank you! I will look in the manual.