Question about importing different sample rates into a sessi

A feature that would be incredibly useful to my workflow would be, being able to copy a montage from one sample rate and paste it into a new montage with a different sample rate AND keep all of the fades and envelopes visible in order that I can match the two sample rates exactly. Someone please tell me there is a way to do this.

Specifically, I use izotope RX for resampling because it allows control of various aspects of resampling filters, and I find the optimal settings are different depending on the program. Its better to my ears than the Wavelab resampler.

In summation, it is difficult for me to process projects that require two or more sample rates exactly and it just takes a long time to do a good job of it at present. If there were some way to import a montage and leave the files exactly the same despite the sample rate change it would be a fantastic help to my workflow.

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Possible with this new feature of WaveLab Pro 9:


I frickin love you people!!!