Question about importing drum parts

Hello everyone!

I was checking Dorico to work on some drum parts for my band, and I did all of them on Cubase (thanks to its amazing editor) using some GGD drums. Obviously I’m using a custom Drum map to get everything well lined up. Now that I want to give them to my drummer so that he can practice :laughing: I can’t find how to properly import the mid file to Dorico.

I just tried and it added a Flute part 3 octaves down, for some insane reasons.

Is there a window where I can just make it so that Dorico understands that I’m importing a drum part and where I can just match my midi notes to something relevant to Dorico?

Thanks for all the help

Welcome to the forum, OGAltmayer. You may find that you can’t bring absolutely every detail of your drum part across at the moment, but for the time being if you make sure that your drum track is set to channel 10 before you export it from Cubase, you should at least find it gets imported as a drum set in Dorico.

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your answer. I have tried pretty everything I could have come up with, but unfortunately, it is not enough. After some exploration, I am getting a proper drum score, but more than half my notes are missing (no cymbals, no toms etc…). I assume converting my drum parts into a somewhat playable basic channel 10 midi would fix this, but then the time I would save fixing it on Dorico would be lost on Cubase.

Regarding drums notation, Dorico didn’t get it quite right yet, especially for those who uses VST. Hopefully, new features will come in the future to address this niche issue.

Certainly if your drums are not mapped according to the standard General MIDI percussion layout, you will not be able to bring them across via MIDI with any great degree of semantic information, it’s true. In the fullness of time we hope to improve the interchange of project data between Cubase and Dorico, and percussion import will certainly be a part of that.

I look forward to it, because putting aside importing midi drum parts, Dorico is by far the easiest software to use to write drums.