Question about input command "Y" for Rhythmic slashes/"First Steps"

In the “See See Rider” lesson on adding rhythmic slashes I was wondering about this instruction in the “fermata” lesson:
“Press Y twice to input two quarter note stemless slash notes”
This worked perfectly but what is the actual function of the “Y” character? The lesson states it is used for “default pitches”. Since there is no such thing as a “default pitch” for trombone or cornet, why does this command work successfully with slashes?

It’s used mostly for percussion.


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First Steps doesn’t go into the details too much because the main thing you need to know is that it works! It’s a handy way of inputting a note, particularly in unpitched contexts.

Every clef has a default pitch: it’s the pitch that the clef “determines”, which for a treble clef is a G, and for a bass clef is an F.

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