Question About Installing CubasePro8 and USB-elicenser(HELP)

I was wondering if anyone can help me out?

I just recently purchased Cubase Pro 8, I bought a USB-elicense separate because I didn’t know that I would receive one with my Cubase box. So now I’ve got 2 USB’s. My friend and I were planning on creating music together and he lives in a different house, the question I’ve been trying to find answers for days is this…Can I install my Cubase on more than one device and can me and my friend use 1 USB each or do we have to share 1?

If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:


The USB Licencer itself is not enough to run Cubase. A least not for permanent use of Cubase. What is important is the licence you obtain that is than stored on your USB -Licencer by entering the activation code. This Licence is a single user licence. You are not able to copy it over to the second USB Licencer. You can install Cubase on as many computer as you want but you can only use one at a time that recognises the USB-Licencer with you licence on it.