Question about Interface and Channel Strip Text Label

I did a search, because I’m pretty sure this has been talked about before, but I didn’t come up with much.

Is there a way to make the text in the Channel Strip labels bold? (Maybe there’s a way under the hood, so to speak?) The Ariel font, or whatever, is so minimalist that it just looks unfinished. Or temporary or something. Such an anemic font.


P.S. And let me rant for a moment if I may. I’m seeing a trend in gui’s which is visually and ergonomically disturbing (and spearheaded imo by Microsoft Modern UI). A trend into a world of no hierarchy, no indentation, and the same level of importance for every element. Even where hierarchy must exist. They seem to want to visually ignore it. Democratization? Everyone’s special – so no one is? What happened? Did Tarantino destroy the Outline when he destroyed time? Where oh where did the “Outline” approach to life go… you know, order and FRIGGIN HIERARCHY??? As a graphic designer, this just befuddles me and my ocular crow’s-food beyond words. So I’ll stop here… Argggh… pant pant…whew…Okay, okay, I’m okay…breath…breath…take it easy buddy…easy now…