Question about licence whn upgrading from LE to 7.5

I have a copy of Cubase LE6. Will i be able to use Cubase AI without dongle (with soft e-licencer) on my laptop, after upgrading to Cubase 7.5 (upgrade plan UG4), and transferring licence from soft e-licencer to usb dongle. It’s very important to me, because i don’t want to use dongle when playing live. Risk of damaging or losing this little expensive stick on the road, is too high. :slight_smile:

Not possible. Your LE6 license will be replaced by the 7.5 license, which must be on the USB-eLicenser. If you want to retain the use of LE6 on the Soft-eLicenser, you would need to buy the 7.5 license at full price.

Cubase AI can be on a soft e-licenser, but it’s a separate license. You can have your 7.5 on the dongle and AI on your laptop’s e-licenser. You won’t need LE6 anymore. I presume you obtained a copy of AI by buying Yamaha or Steinberg hardware, because that’s the only way you can get it (you can’t buy AI as it’s only bundled with hardware.)

That’s what i thought. But wanted to be sure. Because of discount, it will be cheaper for me to buy upgrade and then new LE for live use. Thanks!