Question about macros

Bothering me for a long time …
I’ve had a macro, which I use very often (on the “P” key).

Transport - Locators to Selection
Transport - To left Locator
Transport - Start

This worked fine up until a previous version of Nuendo, but not since the last few versions (don’t remember which one). In any case, the cycle is the problem. Previously, I pressed “P” and the selection played in cycle mode. When I call my macro now, the cycle mode toggles, which means: if it’s on, it goes off, if it’s off, it’s on. This is quite annoying because you have to constantly check the status of the cycle.
Can’t you do it like before? When I use “cycle” in the macro, I mean cycle on, done. When it’s on it stays on, when it’s off it comes on…