Question about Masterpage Sets

I’m punishing music for different types of bands. For marchinband the size of the paper is A5 or Octavo. I can setup different layouts in one project : A4 and A5 (A4 for study, A5 for flip book).

I will change the master pages for A4 and A5. The title on A5 is smaller, copyrights are on another place etc.
I have make a copy of the default masterpage SET and change this. This works well.

This master page set is not available in a new project, I have setup this every time. Is it possible to export and import this master page set? Or to save this as a standard in Dorico?

It is not directly possible, but if you send me by email the project that contains these master pages, I can do some magic that will make them available in new projects you create.

A secondary option (for anyone else reading this thread in a similar circumstance) would be to save a new (empty) project with the default settings for your master pages. Whenever starting a new project you could simply open this “template” project and immediately “save as” with the true intended project name and go from there. Any edits you would make would be to the new file name just assigned and not the original master “template” file you created.

Will we have the option to save not only master pages, but also Layout, Notation and Engraving Options as separate files (or at least as switchable presets) in the future?

In the future, yes, you will be able to import and export various settings between projects. I hope we’ll be able to at least get some basic support for this into the update to follow the upcoming 1.1 update, all being well.

Oh wow, I figured as much but placed it, in my mind, far in the future. How do you guys juggle all of this?

Thank you!

It’s this little thing called “passion” methinks.

Any news about when this will be implemented?

No news at the moment, but if you have need of making a particular set of master pages from one project available in others you create, the simplest way to handle it for now is to use Save As on the project that contains the master pages you want to use, then delete the flows/players from that project, and finally do File > Import > Flows to import flows from another project, which will then assume the settings (including the master pages) of the project you import into, rather than the original project’s settings.

Thanks for the clear explanation of the workflow. I will make a great use of that!

Since this seems to be a clear and straightforward (albeit cumbersome) procedure, couldn’t you just patch up a script to achieve this?

In a perfect world, I would drag a master page from document 1 to document 2, and, boom: Done!

Like Steve Jobs used to say: “There is no step three.”