question about Mediabay "Create Volume Database"

Hi ~~
I am a sound designer for video game,and i use Cubase pro 8.5 and Cubase pro 9.
I have a Protable HDD which contain all my sound file and I always carry it between the studio and my home.
Cubase Pro Mediabay is a very very useful tool for organize and browse this audio files,just preview it and import inside cubase,I think it is better than other third part audio manage tools for me.
I found Cubase Pro Mediabay has a “Create Volume Database” function since cubase Pro 8,It is very convenience for who use Protable HDD between many computers,you only need to scan the Protable HDD one time,then you can use it in other computers,because there is a folder called".steinberg" contain the all sound database in the Protable HDD after you scan it, and then other computers can load the database so you don’t need to rescan it again if you have thousands of sound files,it’s very convenience.
but recently,I found the folder called".steinberg" has already over 500mb, when I use mediabay scan some new files,the folder become bigger,I know more files,the database is more bigger,but when try to remove some files or content from mediabay ,the database dosen’t become smaller,even when I remove 90% of content form mediabay ,the database dose not update,it’s also over 500mb.
what is the problem with the database ,it just become bigger,and never become smaller,I often used to removed large mount of content or audio files when i found them are no useful,in thise case ,the database or the folder called".steinberg" will become larger and larger, and the database save more and more unuse imformation ,will it slowdown the mediabay??? how can i fix it???


What files are in the “.steinberg” folder? Actually I would expect only (relatively) small database file there.

hi martin,thanks for your reply
there is a file named “mediabay3.db” in .steinberg\databases
Actually now it is over 600mb