Question about meters and layout

With Wavelab 6 and earlier, I used to set up wavelab so I could have maybe 5 meters open at once… they would all appear every time I opened Wavelab. Since Wavelab 7 & 8, I haven’t figured out exactly how to do that again… is there something I’m missing?

I see I can open an independent control window, but I don’t need any bars or anything around the meters… I just want the meters alone, where I can set them exactly next to each other to maximize screen space and get as many meters open as I like.

Any tips?


I have the meters set in the control window. Using right click you can remove the menu bars. Long time since WL6, I think it was more seamless in the old versions though.

You can make meter windows float individually, just like in WaveLab 6. Read the chapter about tool windows.

Ok - thanks guys. Under the “window” tab on each meter, I used “set as independent floating window”. Now I have the ones open that I like open, and I can close them instantly with the show/hide floating meters button. I’m happy.


Uh oh…

Ok - I saved my setup as a workspace, but when I load that workspace, the position of all of the floating meters is not remembered… Am I doing something wrong?


They are 2 kinds of layouts. Did you try the global layout, from the Global menu?

Excellent! Thanks PG!


I think I’ve discovered a couple small bugs with the meters and layout (see “a” and “b” below). They’re not bad, but I just wanted to go ahead and report them anyway.

  1. I have a level meter open which is docked
  2. I have a Spectrometer open as a floating window
  3. Close Wavelab
  4. Open Wavelab - it asks if I want to use the default layout, or the last layout.
  5. Choose most recent layout
  6. Wavelab opens, but:
    —a) The floating Spectrometer window does not open
  7. I click the button that says “show/hide floating meters”
  8. The Spectrometer appears where I last left it, but:
    —b) The range is now different. Instead of remembering that I had the range set to view everything between 20Hz and 96000Hz, it comes up with the wrong range… it only goes up to like 450Hz or something.
  9. The fix? - Click on the “show/hide floating meters” button to hide the Spectrometer - then click on the same button again to show the Spectrometer. The Spectrometer appears again, but it is now set correctly.